His Sampled Voice

Where does one start? Certainly, the most prolific of His Sampled Voice's artists. Whether creating his unique style of rock music or audaciously redefining the concept of the remix, Phil Jeffcott never stops recording. Unbelievably, he has found time for outside projects. In the nineties he was linked to 'Sun/Smile' and Grimace. More recently he produced and formed half of Table Top and currently plays and writes with South London bands Aspen Woods & Molly's Lips.
Aside from his music, he is known for his unique cartoon style and is the illustrator of
Superb Heroes!

Discography Highlights:

Something For Everyone (1995)

The Mark Of Cain (1997)

Life Is A Wake (1999)

The Anphilogy Set (Best of 1990 -2000)

Moon & Flowers (2000)

Rock & Royalties (2001)

Voices & Words (2001)

Cut & Paste (2001)

It Hasn't Got A Title (2002)

A Change Of Gear (2002)

Four Cymbals  (2003)

Folk 'n' Folly (2003)

Interkosmos (2004)

Lend Me Your Ears (2004)

See You In Court  (Compilation) (2004)

Stateoftheart (2004)

The Phil Jeffcott Band (2005)

Lost Xmas Classics (2005)

More of Phil Jeffcott's music here:

Selected Rock Tracks:

Disto (version)

The Mark Of Cain


Dream Memory

The Spotlight


Selected Remix Tracks:

Barrett Comes Alive

Mainline Stations Are Wild

Folsom Prison Breakout


Maypole Song

The Lambeth Tragedy

La Vie En Rosencrantz (web exclusive)