His Sampled Voice

The sound of pure horror. Whether producing industrial ambient dance or terrifying slabs of black metal the effect is the same: an exhilarating sense of panic that is unique!
These tracks are taken from the long awaited album
'The Scrotumnalisation Of Dr Blood"

Selected Tracks:

The Wait

Stab You Up

Because They Can

Chill, You Haven't Got A Danny

Abandon All Hope

The Late September Day

The Educational Picnic

Bitch Ass

Well Dr Blood is now apparently
releasing his album over a series of EPs. 
Limited copies come with a display binder made of human flesh and cost 1000.
We received this postcard recently...

The Doctor Speaks

Was it not Dostoyevsky who
championed emotion over intellect?
Frankly I don't care for what you have to say to me but the facts remain. They are your facts and you should deal with them as you see fit. Shop till you drop, anuses.
Love, Doccy B.