His Sampled Voice

Going into production soon is a 'best of' cd featuring one track each from every artist on His Sampled Voice.
Here's the complete tracklisting, on mp3, absolutely free for you to download now.

I've said it before, but I'll say it again:
It's capitalism gone mad!

Folsom Prison Breakout - Phil Jeffcott

What It's Like - Collaborator

Disto - Phil Jeffcott

Because They Can - Dr Blood

For Free - Aspen Woods

Resistance Is Futile - Jolyon

Syrup - Grimace

Rainstick - J J Lion

Psychedelic Bakery - Nausea Recordings

Anonandonmousaka - Mista P

Airstrip - Prism

Tonight - Tabletop

Lazy Blind Songs - Sunsmile

Mort D'Artoo - Sharkmeat

Your Day - Jon Blore

Chaos To Order--Jolyon

Bonus MP3's

The Lab J Luddites Vs Machines

Down South--Jon Blore

Mobile Phone Tone

The official
Chaos To Order
irritating ring tone: