His Sampled Voice

Jazz: Delicious hot, disgusting cold.

Recently found and resurrected from a dusty cassette, recording date unknown (sometime in the last century),
The Nausea Sampler showcased some of Earth's most demented talents.

Here are a few tracks from it to get the flavour.

Selected Tracks:

Psychedelic Bakery

I Can't Give You Anything (But Love)

Ten Hens

Indian Love Call

Lecture (edit)

Beans, Peas & Pie For Tea

Eldred Haha Blatty

All Tracks © Nausea Recordings

Master Of Ceremonies: Dylan Bates

Geoffrey Sick

Lynda Beast

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and look for any of the names above.

One of him said print this:

Dylan is one of the few imaginative musicians and composers on the British jazz scene today. He leads a sextet called Waiting On Dwarfs, the quartets Shelf Unit, Birdy Flap Wing and Moldvarp, and the unique Morse code trio Dot Dash Duck, besides working with such bands as the Billy Jenkins Blues Collective, the Flea-Pit Orchestra, Bitten By A Monkey, and The Cross-Dressed Quartet (under the name Lynda Beast).
Back in the late 80s he started hanging around with the
Moss Quiches and their entourage, and was duly introduced to the Velvet Underground (which inspired him to adopt the name of Dylmore Schwarz), Syd Barrett, the extreme sport of CAK, and acid (in that order). He was briefly a member of Subliminal Jesus.
In the 90s he studied "Creative Arts" in Nottingham and wasted his time recording several cassettes on his own
nausea label, under the pseudonym Geoffrey Sick, until he discovered to his astonishment that there was in fact a violinist of that name working in Seattle. Whilst in Nottingham he played with the A Band and various spin-offs (including Oozit, Sick & Spew, Hebetation, the Suicide Cult, and the Inspectors), as well as forming two jazz bands, the Supreme Pancake and Hare Ramsden.
He moved back to London in 1997 and currently resides in Stoke Newington.

"The Paganini of Penge" - John Fordham, the Guardian.