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Soundtrack To Superb Heroes!
Book 2: Episode 2
Episode 2, Pirates & Dinosaurs, is, rather curiously for a comic, a musical.
In it, Terminus & The Black Panama face some rather unpleasantly perverse pirates.
The two tracks below were the inspiration for this encounter and are the ghastly songs the buccaneers serenade our heroes with.

Captain Copraphilia--The Moss Quiches

Sailor Sid--Phil Jeffcott

Bonus Tracks!

Check out these classic cover versions:

Stayin' Alive--Mista P Vs Phil Jeffcott

Wild Thing--The Moss Quiches

Lovely Day--Phil Jeffcott

California Dreaming--Table Top Vs Dr Blood

Material Girl--Geoffrey Sick & Nausea

C'mon Everybody--The Moss Quiches

Rare Tracks (Not now, obviously).

The Lab J Luddites Vs Machines

Frankensteiner School--Jeffcott & Jolyon Vs Christopher Lee

The Holy Grail (Roger's Mix) - The Moss Quiches

Electronic Jam #1--Jolyon Vs Jeffcott

And I Will Take--Matt Halsey

The Old Skool Swapshop--Jolyon

The Real Jolene--Phil Jeffcott

Plan B (Coat Of Paint) - J J Lion Vs Paint

All praise! It the official company anthem!

Chaos To Order--Jolyon

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