The Setting:

The twenty first century, but not as we know it...

Meet Some Of The Cast:

Quincy Jones:
Overworked police pathologist/detective. Has he a dark secret...

David Duckovney:
All ducks are psychic but only David Duckovney has street knowledge. Or so he'd like to believe.

Super powered Euthanasizer. Are their limits to his dark powers? What gadgets are contained within his scythe?

The Pharmacist:
Mysterious medic with cannibalistic tendencies. Answers only to the severed head of his mother and his evil paymasters.

A man with a second chance at life, but sadly, no skin to go with it!

Dead Astaire:
The undead King of variety.

The Black Panama:
The leader of Superb Heroes. Once described by a member of his own team as "David Niven on brown acid."

Token Girl:
Winner of a competition to join the team, she is getting increasingly frustrated by the menial tasks she's being given. Her time will come...

Junior technician at The Superb Heroes' Mysterious Island base.

Insane drug crazed psychic duck. His paranoia is so fine tuned it can predict the future  with ease.

Errol Flid:
Valorous but diminutive crusader.