Chaos To Order: History Will Be Our Judge


His Sampled Voice began in 1989 to promote Dadaist punksters The Sampled Voice. They mutated into The Moss Quiches, and a legend was born. Following the disbanding of The Quiches in 1991 the secretive members went their separate ways. Since then, His Sampled Voice has hooked up with a variety of new artists. It's rumoured that among their number are original members from The Sampled Voice, but nothing can be provedů

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His Sampled Voice

Aspen Woods: Folk, Rock & Pop

Jon Blore: Diverse Original Rock & Pop

Collaborator: Industrial Ambient

Dolly Eyez: Techno-Samba & Fromage

Dr Blood: Pitch Black Metal & Dance

DJs: Various Mixers' Various Mixes

Freefall: Dark Drum & Bass

Grimace: Humorous Classic Rock

Phil Jeffcott: Rock & Remix

Jolyon: Weirdo Dance

Joseph J Lion: Electronica

Mista P: Ambient Folk Jazz

Molly's Lips: Rock

The Moss Quiches: Punk Pop

Nausea: Jazz Fusion Lunacy

Prism: D & B, Electronica, House

The Sampled Voice: N/A

Sharkmeat: Psychedelic Instrumentals

Mobile Phone Tone

The official
Chaos To Order
irritating ring tone:


Sun/Smile: Traditional Bluesy Rock

Table Top: Rock/Folk


Various Rarities: Oddities & Cover Versions