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Rock Limericks

In 2002 Dr Blood and Sharkmeat began a text message duel, Their chosen weapon?
Rock Limericks!
Initially only available as a limited edition book from
Your Face Imprints we are proud to be able to bring you a selection of these potentially litigious masterpieces of mockery.
Only Click this link if you are comfortable with modern English as it is used in the 21st century… 
Rock Limericks!

Superb Heroes!

Created by Phil Jeffcott & Jolyon in 2001, this heady collision between American super hero comics, British Weekly 'Beano style' comics  and European graphic novels is one of the most demented visual feasts you will ever come across.
It's been held up for years by various factors (the creative choice of making it A4 and full colour has made printing it a financial suicide) but here it finally is in a downloadable form for home consumption!

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Here are some excerpts from Superb Heroes! Book 1

Ancient History

Cartoons by Phil Jeffcott, Nilotic and others from the distant past.
Such classics as the surprising appearance of the previously undiscovered secret Joey Deacon character from Street Fighter 2, a re-enactment of the Hungerford Massacre with Sooty and Sweep and that most baffling of sagas, that of Qwoob
TM  await you here…

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Ancient History.


Some short films for your delectation. Download the film and then use a recent windows media player.

Chameleonic Volvo Paranoia by J J Lion directed by Jolyon
Retro computer graphics (think early nineties) illustrate this perennial favourite.

The Road To Utopia Part 1: The Seventies By Jolyon
First of a collection of films forming an unhelpful and mawkish biography of the early years of Jolyon. By his own admission it is, for the most part, quite nauseating. It's probably of most interest to paedophiles, but hey, the music's good. 
Part Two is apparently much better, being an eighties forerunner of Jackass, edited down from over twenty three hours and spanning the whole decade. Featuring live performances by The Sampled Voice, violence, mayhem and a cast of hundreds.
In fact it's only one near-impossible editing job away from completion.
Then there's the nineties…

Coming Soon:

The Curious Adventures of
Pavlov's Dog & Schrödinger's Cat


The Gospel According To Lazarus