Here is a selection of Rock Limericks by
Dr Blood & Sharkmeat.

Warning: Contains strong Language!

Note to Libelled Rock Stars:
Mockery is the sincerest form of flattery!

The Beatles

With two dead and one near defunct
Paul McCartney began showing front,
By claiming the songs
Were by him and not John:
Well explain Wings then you tragic old cunt!

Crosby, Stills & Nash

When Crosby, Still and Nash
Played gigs, their egos would clash
Over whose songs came first
And it only got worse
When Neil Young entered the bash...

Ozzy Osbourne

It's hardly surprising to think
That Ozzy would go on the drink
With a son who's a twat
And a missus like that
It's no wonder the guy needs a shrink!

Elvis Presley

After gorging on many fried snacks
Elvis Presley went for a crap
He strained like a mule
To release a big stool
But instead had a huge heart attack

Genesis/Peter Gabriel

While the band looked on in some dread,
Peter Gabriel tonsured his head.
They found this stage antic
Both unsettling and frantic,
So he quit to go solo instead.

Lou Reed

Lou Reed for all of his lucre
Would be well advised "Mangez du sucre!"
I don't want to hear
About junkies and queers
Or Warhol's anal veruccas

Robbie Williams

Robbie Williams, they say, is an act
Who is right at the top of the stack,
But his chart topping hits
Get right on my tits
I wish he was dead, that's a fact!

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