His Sampled Voice

"...A rubbish synth, a tinny drum machine, the world's most simplistic sequencer, a broken four track, an uncontrollable effects unit and sampling with a Dictaphone: quite frankly I'm surprised it turned out as well as it did!" So said Joseph J Lion in a rare interview in 1998.
With the main manifesto that electronic music should sound less 'perfect' and more 'broken' Joseph J Lion set out in 1993 to bring a live feel back to electronic music.


Flatland Welcomes Careful Junkies (1996)

Night Falls On Flatland (1998)

The Chymical Divorce (featuring Jolyon)(2006)

Selected Tracks:

Less Doubt, More Fear

The Escape Plan


Pneumatic Daughter

Eart'worm (featuring Phil Jeffcott)

Chameleonic Volvo Paranoia

Atom Heart Motherf*cker (featuring Sharkmeat)

Absolutely My Mood

Plan B

The Man With The Missing Plot

Adios Amigos

Portrait Of
Joseph J Lion In His Studio
By Kraft

See the video for Chameleonic Volvo Paranoia here!