His Sampled Voice

Jolyon is a creator of quirky dance music and the writer of 'Superb Heroes' and 'The Autobiographical Encyclopaedia'. He also claims to be an occasional artist working with physical materials & video, as well as a collector of modern art by current unknowns. 
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File Under Jumblist (1999)

A Day At The Racists (2000)

A Minefield Of Information (2001)

Last Night A DJ Ruined My Life (2002)

Mu SiK FhR Mi SiC MeWs (2003)

Ģive (Compilation) (2004)

The Chymical Divorce (featuring J J Lion) (2006)

Selected Tracks:

Golden Wonder

Bandwagon Jumper 99

Britney Spears' Bad Drug Nightmare

Anal Inferno

Night On A Bald Merkin

Back In The Saddle

A Minefield Of Information

Resistance Is Futile

The Brain Of Scriabin (featuring Mobus)

Religion For Gullible Sceptics

A Seven Step Program

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